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Itamar Collaço new bass model

We dedicate this post to all bass players! May we present you the instrument that will become a milestone at bass world: the TMB-ITC.
Developed after a partnership between Terra Musical and brazilian bass player Itamar Collaço, the bass fully accomplishes the artist’s demands for comfort and lightweight. More than two years were spent with research and adjustments on the first prototype to reach the final results, with great sound and a neat looking. The bass is loaded with Graphtech Hexpander ghost System, allowing endless musical options and tones, maintaining the original aesthetical requests for the instrument. The result is an outstanding bass, built by Luthier Silas Belgate and the Terra Musical team.

Itamar plays his TMB-ITC (photo: Mauricio Landini)

Building details:

Neck: Pau-Marfim
Fretboard: Imbuia
Body: Cedro Rosa w/ Maple Top
Frets: Dunlop Jumbo 6100
Tuning machines: Gotoh
Bridge: Individual Spirit
Pickups: Bartolini Soapbar and Graphtech ghost ABM
Eletric: Bartolini 5 potenciômetros 18v
Knobs: Gotoh
MIDI: Hexpander ghost Graphtech
Finishing: P.U.

More pictures:

Maple top

Woods and construction details

The bass ready for the gig

Bartolini pickups and Graphtech ghost ABM piezos

Controls details and 13 pin output

To get further information, please call Terra Musical: 55 (11) 4325-4413.

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